Home Automation With Domoticz

Submitted by furriephillips on Tue, 05/31/2016 - 18:56

Home Automation - Geek Style

You can monitor and manage your home's electrically switched equipment, using Domoticz. This is a geek's paradise - I shit you not.


Raspberry Pi 3
Rfxcom USB 433MHz Transceiver
USB Power Bank
PoE Splitter 48V to 5V 2.4A Micro USB
Wireless Weather Station


Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)
weeWX open source software for your weather station


The web interface is cool



I don't like stuff running on TCP:8080 so I usually use a number derived by typing a relayed word on a mobile phone keypad - I set Domoticz to use something like "myhome" (gets you 694663), which you just configure instead of 8080 in the startup script & then you connect to something like http://domoticz.example.com:694663/ and also in any port/packet redirection and/or firewall rules to make it accessible externally, you just use the same port number, so that on the LAN or on the WAN, the Domoticz URL is identical.

Location Based Action

Not only can you switch your lights on and off, you can also combine Domoticz with an app on your iPhone called "Pilot: Home Automation Control", to trigger location-based actions, such as creating a warm welcome as you return home from the coal-face, or switching everything off if you pop down the pub for a few pints and a dirty scrubber, forgetting to save energy by powering off unused items.

"Dummy" iPhone switch, as per instructions on: http://pilot.patrickferreira.com/domoticz-tutorial-location-iphone/

Test Setup

These "events" send emails.

Set The Scene(s)

Program The Events

The "set scene" "event", defaults to "active", which is not really what you want - you need it to be "on", to turn the scene on.

This one turns on my living-room lights and TeleVision.

This one powers down everything capable of being powered up/on.