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As a child, I didn't really read anything but random WWII era comics, that I picked up for next to nothing in flea markets. I now read when the mood moves me, but it's often sporadic. I'm a member of Goodreads.

Willard Price: Adventure Series

This series opened my eyes to what a great book can do, combined with a furtive imagination. It raised my enthusiasm for reading books & ultimately fostered a love of reading that I'd never thought possible. I started with South Sea Adventure. Buy it on Amazon

South Sea Adventure

Arthur Ransome: Swallows And Amazons

The wonderful Swallows And Amazons series, gave me a desperate love for sailing & is basically how I learned the theory, so that when I stepped onto a windsurfing board, I knew what I needed to do. Buy it on Amazon

Swallows And Amazons

Jeff Miller: Dagny Gray

Special Agent Dagny Gray is smart, athletic, and fearless. She’s also fragile, depressed, and anorexic. If she doesn’t get healthy soon, the FBI will drop her—and she’ll never have a chance to end the crime spree of the so-called “bubble gum thief.”The Bubble Gum Thief. Buy it on Amazon

The Bubble Gum Thief

Tom Clancy: Jack Ryan Universe Series

Without Remorse is the epic bestseller Tom Clancy fans have been waiting for. Its hero is a man very familiar to Clancy's readers. His code name is Mr. Clark. And his work for the CIA is brilliant, cold-blooded and efficient ... But who is he really? In a harrowing tour de force, Tom Clancy shows how an ordinary man named John Kelly crossed the lines of justice and morality --- to become the CIA legend, Mr. Clark.Without Remorse. Buy it on Amazon

Without Remorse

Craig Thomas: Kenneth Aubrey and Patrick Hyde Series

I started with "The Bear's Tears", but this is the actual start of the series... TRIGGER OF VENGEANCE For almost half a lifetime ex-agent Richard Gardiner has buried his searing memories of treachery and torture, of that nightmare time in the bloody cellars of the Gestapo and the hideous sick double-cross that followed when freedom appeared to be within his grasp. The killing-ground is among old friends and enemies. The search is for the man who always betrayed and murdered by proxy. The man known as WOLF...Wolfsbane. Buy it on Amazon


Michael Crichton: Disclosure

The thriller that opened a new chapter in the sex wars... Thomas Sanders' world collapses in just 24 hours - he is passed over for promotion, his new woman boss comes on to him during a drink after work, then, the next morning, he learns that she has accused him of sexually harassing her. She demands his transfer, thereby threatening to cut him off from the millions he would have made when his high-tech company was floated on the stock market. What follow next made Disclosure the most talked about novel of the decade.Disclosure. Buy it on Amazon


Clive Cussler: Dirk Pitt Series

Dirk Pitt, death-defying adventurer and deep-sea expert, is out to the ultimate test as he plunges into the perilous waters of the Pacific Vortex -- a fog-shrouded sea zone where dozens of ships have vanished without a trace. The latest victim is the awesome superb Starbuck, America's deep-diving nuclear arsenal. Its loss poses an unthinkable threat to national defense. Pitt's job is to find it, salvage it, before the sea explodes. In a furious race against time, Pitt's mission swirls him into a battle with underwater assassins-and traps him in the arms of Summer Moran, the most stunningly exotic and dangerous toward disaster, Clive Cussler plummets his hero onto an ancient sunken island-the astonishing setting for the explosive climax of Pacific Vortex!Pacific Vortex!. Buy it on Amazon

Pacific Vortex!

Clive Cussler, Craig Dirgo: The Oregon Files Series

This series is an extension/spinoff from the Dirk Pitt Series... Juan Cabrillo skippers a disguised spy ship - for hire for covert missions. In this adventure he must find and seize a golden Buddha - the artifact and its contents are vital to striking a deal with the Russians and the Chinese and restoring the Dalai Lama to power in Tibet.Golden Buddha. Buy it on Amazon

Golden Buddha

Robert Crais: Elvis Cole Series

I started this series by accident, as I was following a suggestion from someone, to read "Watchmen", by Chris Ryan (not Elvis Cole #11, featuring Joe Pike) - what a fortunate mistake - I fell in love with both protagonists - The books are a laugh a minute... When quiet Ellen Lang enters Elvis's office, she's lost her husband and her son. Their search down the seamy side of Hollywood's studio lots and sculptured lawns soon leads them deep into a nasty netherworld of drugs and sex—and murder.The Monkey's Raincoat. Buy it on Amazon

The Monkey's Raincoat

Michael Connelly: Harry Bosch Series

For maverick LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, the body in the drainpipe at Mulholland Dam is more than another anonymous statistic. This one is personal...because the murdered man was a fellow Vietnam "tunnel rat" who had fought side by side with him in a hellish underground war. Now Bosch is about to relive the horror of Nam. From a dangerous maze of blind alleys to a daring criminal heist beneath the city, his survival instincts will once again be tested to their limit. Pitted against enemies inside his own department and forced to make the agonizing choice between justice and vengeance, Bosch goes on the hunt for a killer whose true face will shock him.The Black Echo. Buy it on Amazon

The Black Echo

Clive Cussler, Grant Blackwood: Fargo Adventure Series

Thousands of years ago, the mighty Persian king Xerxes the Great was said to have raided the Treasury at Delphi, carrying away two solid gold pillars as a tribute to his glory. In 1800, while crossing the Pennine Alps, Napoleon Bonaparte and his army stumble across the pillars. Unable to transport them, Napoleon created an inscrutable map on the labels of twelve bottles of rare wine. When Napoleon dies, the bottles disappear - and the gold pillars are lost once again. Treasure-hunters Sam and Remi Fargo are exploring the Great Pocomoke Swamp in Delaware when they are shocked to discover a German U-boat. Inside, they find a bottle taken from Napoleon's 'lost cellar'. Fascinated, the Fargos set out to find the rest of the collection. But another connoisseur of sorts has been looking for the bottle they've just found. Not for the wine. He wants what the bottle may lead to. For he is Hadeon Bondaruk - a half-Russian, half-Persian millionaire - and he claims descent from King Xerxes himself. And the treasure will be his, no matter what...Spartan Gold. Buy it on Amazon

Spartan Gold

David Baldacci: Camel Club Series

Existing at the fringes of Washington D.C., the Club consists of four eccentric members. Led by a mysterious man know as "Oliver Stone," they study conspiracy theories, current events, and the machinations of government to discover the "truth" behind the country's actions. Their efforts bear little fruit --- until the group witnesses a shocking murder ... and become embroiled in an astounding, far reaching conspiracy. Now the Club must join forces with a Secret Service agent to confront one of the most chilling spectacles ever to take place on American soil --- an event that may trigger the ultimate war between two different worlds. And all that stands in the way of this apocalypse is five unexpected heroes.The Camel Club. Buy it on Amazon

The Camel Club

Dale Brown: Patrick McLanahan Series

Flight of the Old Dog is the runaway bestseller that launched the phenomenal career of Dale Brown. It is the riveting story of America's race for technology, overtaken by our greatest enemy's mastery of "Star Wars." The U.S. arsenal of nuclear missiles has been neutralized. America's only hope: The Old Dog Zero One, a battle-scarred bomber fully renovated with modern hardware - and equipped with the deadliest state-of-the-art armaments known to man... When the Soviet Union masters "Star Wars" technology, rendering the U.S.'s arsenal of nuclear missiles impotent, America's only hope lies in The Old Dog Zero One--a battle-scarred bomber fully renovated with enough weaponry and stealth hardware to earn it the nickname, "Megafortress."Flight of the Old Dog. Buy it on Amazon

Flight of the Old Dog

Stephen Coonts: Jake Grafton Series

Jake Grafton is an A-6 Intruder pilot during the Vietnam War who flies his bomber on sorties past enemy flak and SAM missiles, and then must maneuver his plane, often at night, onto the relatively small deck of an aircraft carrier. Former Navy flyer Stephen Coonts gives an excellent sense of the complexities of modern air raids and how nerve-wracking it is, even for the best airmen, to technically solve sudden problems over and over, knowing that even a twist of fate like a peasant wildly firing a rifle from a field could wipe out the crew. Grafton alternates between remorse over the fate of his unseen Vietnamese victims on the ground and a gung-ho "let's win this war" sentiment that lashes at both policymakers who select less-than-important targets for the dangerous missions and advocates for peace back in the States.Flight of the Intruder. Buy it on Amazon

Flight of the Intruder

Kathy Reichs: Temperance Brennan Series

This series of books & the author's escapades, sparked off the "Bones" TV series... Her life is devoted to justice; for those she never even knew. In the year since Temperance Brennan left behind a shaky marriage in North Carolina, work has often preempted her weekend plans to explore Quebec. When a female corpse is discovered meticulously dismembered and stashed in trash bags, Temperance detects an alarming pattern and she plunges into a harrowing search for a killer. But her investigation is about to place those closest to her, her best friend and her own daughter in mortal danger...Déjà Dead. Buy it on Amazon

Déjà Dead

Chris Ryan: Danny Black Series

Masters of War: In Paris, an elderly man is assassinated as he takes his morning walk. In the war-torn cities of Syria, government forces wage a bloody war against their own people. The Russians are propping up the government, the French are backing one rebel faction and the British are backing another. And in north Africa, young SAS trooper Danny Black is coming to the end of a gruelling tour of duty, or so he thinks... Danny has a new mission. An MI6 agent needs to make contact with Syrian rebel forces, and also with the private military contractors who are – unofficially – training this rebel faction. As they travel deep into rebel heartland, Danny will learn who the masters of war, the men who call the shots, really are. Buy it on Amazon

Masters of War

David Baldacci: Sean King & Michelle Maxwell Series

Split Second: Michelle Maxwell has just wrecked her promising career at the Secret Service. Against her instincts, she let a presidential candidate out of her sight for the briefest moment and the man whose safety was her responsibility vanished into thin air. Sean King knows how the younger agent feels. Eight years earlier, the hard-charging Secret Service agent allowed his attention to be diverted for a split second. And the candidate he was protecting was gunned down before his eyes. Now Michelle and Sean are about to see their destinies converge. Drawn into a maze of lies, secrets, and deadly coincidences, the two discredited agents uncover a shocking truth: that the separate acts of violence that shattered their lives were really a long time in the making – and are a long way from over….. Buy it on Amazon

Split Second

Sean Platt: Yesterday's Gone Series

Well, almost everyone... A scattered few woke alone in a world where there are no rules other than survival... at any cost... A journalist wanders the horrible reality of an empty New York in search of his wife and son... A serial killer must hunt in a land where prey is now an endangered species... A mother shields her young daughter from danger, though every breath fills her with terror... A bullied teen is thrilled to find everyone gone. Until the knock at the door... A fugitive survives a fiery plane crash. Will he be redeemed, or return to what he's best at: the kill?.. An eight year old boy sets out on a journey to find his missing family. What he finds will change him forever... These survivors aren’t alone... Someone or something is watching them... And waiting... Strangers unite... Sides are chosen... Will humanity survive what it never saw coming?.. The only certainty is that Yesterday’s Gone... You’ve never read anything like Yesterday’s Gone – the epic, groundbreaking, thrilling new series. Look for a new 100 page episode each month.Yesterday's Gone: Episode 1. Buy it on Amazon

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 1

Sean Platt: Z 2134 Series

One hundred years after the zombie apocalypse, those lucky enough to survive now exist in scattered cities, under the merciless rule of the City Watch. A simple tenet overshadows all aspects of daily life: obey or die. When Jonah Lovecraft is framed for murder, his status as a Watcher doesn't spare him from the ultimate punishment: being cast into the Barrens and forced to battle zombies and other criminal contestants in the Darwin Games... As he fights for every heartbeat, his daughter, Ana, embarks on her own desperate quest to uncover the truth about her father. Yet neither expects their efforts to reveal grim secrets that could tear apart the fabric of society - if either lives long enough to expose the truth.Z 2134: Episode 1. Buy it on Amazon

Z 2134: Episode 1

Lee Child: Jack Reacher Series

Jack Reacher books have brought about 2 films, starring the diminutive Tom Cruise - quite the impressive feat, as he pulls off the character, admirably, despite the height diference between the books and films... Ex-military policeman Jack Reacher is a drifter. He's just passing through Margrave, Georgia, and in less than an hour, he's arrested for murder. Not much of a welcome. All Jack knows is that he didn't kill anybody. At least not here. Not lately. But he doesn't stand a chance of convincing anyone. not in Margrave, Georgia. Not a chance in hell.Killing Floor . Buy it on Amazon

Killing Floor

Vince Flynn: Mitch Rapp Series

I often refer to "Term Limits", as a good solution to corruption in politics - it's a favourite... Mitch Rapp is a gifted college athlete who just wants retribution for the Pan Am Lockerbie attack. He trains six months intensely with other clandestine operatives, under CIA Operations Director Thomas Stansfield and protégé Irene Kennedy, to stop terrorists before they reach America. The assassin leaves a trail of bodies from Istanbul across Europe to Beirut, where he needs every ounce of skill and cunning to survive the war-ravaged city and its deadly terrorist factions.American Assassin. Buy it on Amazon

American Assassin

Jasper T. Scott: Dark Space Series

Humanity is Defeated... Ethan Ortane, ex-convict-turned freelancer and registered transport captain has a cargo to deliver. He's in debt up to his ears, but life is simple enough--he has his ship, his freedom, and plenty of time alone to wallow in his past. Little does he know, all of that is about to change...Dark Space (A Short Prequel): A Chance Encounter. Buy it on Amazon

Dark Space (A Short Prequel): A Chance Encounter

Julie Smith: Skip Langdon Series

It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and civic leader and socialite Chauncy St. Amant has been crowned Rex, King of Carnival. But his day of glory comes to an abrupt and bloody end when a parade-goer dressed as Dolly Parton guns him down. Is the killer his aimless, promiscuous daughter Marcelle? Homosexual, mistreated son Henry? Helpless, alcoholic wife Bitty? Or some unknown player? Turns out the king had enemies... Enter resourceful heroine Skip Langdon, a rookie police officer and former debutante turned cynic of the Uptown crowd. Scouring the streets for clues, interviewing revelers and street people with names like Jo Jo, Hinky, and Cookie, and using her white glove contacts, the post-deb rebel cop encounters a tangled web of brooding clues and ancient secrets that could mean danger for her--and doom for the St. Amants.New Orleans Mourning. Buy it on Amazon

New Orleans Mourning

Derren Brown: Tricks Of The Mind

Derren Brown's television and stage performances have entranced and dumbfounded millions. His baffling illusions and stunning set pieces - such as The Seance, Russian Roulette and The Heist - have set new standards of what's possible, as well as causing more than their fair share of controversy. Now, for the first time, he reveals the secrets behind his craft, what makes him tick and just why he grew that beard. Tricks of the Mind takes you on a journey into the structure and pyschology of magic. Derren teaches you how to read clues in people's behaviour and spot liars. He discusses the whys and wherefores of hypnosis and shows how to do it. And he investigates the power of suggestion and how you can massively improve your memory. He also takes a long hard look at the paranormal industry and why some of us feel the need to believe in it in the first place. Alternately hilarious, controversial and challenging, Tricks of the Mind is essential reading for Derren's legions of fans, and pretty bloody irresistible even if you don't like him that much...Tricks Of The Mind. Buy it on Amazon

Tricks Of The Mind

Andy Weir: The Martian

This book is SO funny - read it even if you've seen the Matt Damon film... Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars... Now, he’s sure he’ll be the first person to die there... After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate while thinking him dead, Mark finds himself stranded and completely alone with no way to even signal Earth that he’s alive — and even if he could get word out, his supplies would be gone long before a rescue could arrive... Chances are, though, he won’t have time to starve to death. The damaged machinery, unforgiving environment, or plain-old “human error” are much more likely to kill him first... But Mark isn’t ready to give up yet. Drawing on his ingenuity, his engineering skills — and a relentless, dogged refusal to quit — he steadfastly confronts one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after the next. Will his resourcefulness be enough to overcome the impossible odds against him?The Martian. Buy it on Amazon

The Martian

L.J. Sellers: Detective Jackson Mystery Series

When a bomb explodes at a birth-control clinic and a young client turns up dead, Detective Jackson is assigned both cases.
But are they connected?.. Kera, the clinic nurse who discovers that the girl's Bible group is really a sexual free-for-all, thinks they are. But confidentiality keeps her from telling the police, so she digs for the truth on her own and becomes the bomber's new target... Soon another girl is murdered. Can Jackson uncover the killer's shocking identity in time to stop the slaughter?The Sex Club. Buy it on Amazon

The Sex Club

Mark Dawson: John Milton Series

I started on the book "Cleaner", but will go back to the beginning, to get properly acquainted... Meet John Milton... He considers himself an artisan. A craftsman. His trade is murder... Milton is the man the government sends after you when everything else has failed. Ruthless. Brilliant. Anonymous. Lethal. You wouldn't pick him out of a crowd but you wouldn't want to be on his list. But now, after ten years, he's had enough - there's blood on his hands and he wants out. Trouble is, this job is not one you can just walk away from... He goes on the run, seeking atonement for his sins by helping the people he meets along the way. But his past cannot be easily forgotten and before long it is Milton who is hunted, and not the hunter... 1000 Yards... This 17,000 word novella is an introduction to John Milton, the most dangerous assassin in the pay of Her Majesty's government... Milton is sent into North Korea. With nothing but a sniper rifle, bad intentions and a very particular target, will Milton be able to take on the secret police of the most dangerous failed state on the planet?1000 Yards. Buy it on Amazon

1000 Yards

Beth Reekles: The Kissing Booth

This is not my usual stuff, but I was most entertained... Meet Rochelle Evans: pretty, popular--and never been kissed. Meet Noah Flynn: badass, volatile--and a total player. And also Elle's best friend's older brother... When Elle decides to run a kissing booth for the school's Spring Carnival, she locks lips with Noah and her life is turned upside down. Her head says to keep away, but her heart wants to draw closer--this romance seems far from fairy tale and headed for heartbreak... But will Elle get her happily ever after?The Kissing Booth. Buy it on Amazon

The Kissing Booth

Edgar Rice Burroughs: Tarzan Series

"Tarzan of the Apes", is a great love story... In 1888 Lord and Lady Clayton sail from England but to West Africa and perish on a remote island. When their infant son is adopted by fanged, great anthropoid apes, he is Tarzan of the Apes. His intelligence and caring mother raise him to be king. Self-educated by his parents’ library, Tarzan rescues genteel Jane Porter from the perils of his jungle.Tarzan of the Apes. Buy it on Amazon

Tarzan of the Apes

Emmuska Orczy: The Scarlet Pimpernel Series

"The Scarlet Pimpernel", is a wonderful love story... Armed with only his wits and his cunning, one man recklessly defies the French revolutionaries and rescues scores of innocent men, women, and children from the deadly guillotine. His friends and foes know him only as the Scarlet Pimpernel. But the ruthless French agent Chauvelin is sworn to discover his identity and to hunt him down.The Scarlet Pimpernel. Buy it on Amazon

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Ernest Cline: Ready Player One

In the year 2044, reality is an ugly place. The only time teenage Wade Watts really feels alive is when he's jacked into the virtual utopia known as the OASIS. Wade's devoted his life to studying the puzzles hidden within this world's digital confines, puzzles that are based on their creator's obsession with the pop culture of decades past and that promise massive power and fortune to whoever can unlock them. When Wade stumbles upon the first clue, he finds himself beset by players willing to kill to take this ultimate prize. The race is on, and if Wade's going to survive, he'll have to win—and confront the real world he's always been so desperate to escape.Ready Player One. Buy it on Amazon

Ready Player One