Solar Photo Voltaic

Submitted by furriephillips on Tue, 06/28/2016 - 15:22

I've had a 1.84kW solar PV system installed onto my SE-facing roof.

It looks just like this: -
My Solar PV Array
And here's a more "arty" picture, capturing the Sun's "rays": -

My Solar PV Array (arty)

As of 2010-08-28_1500 I am generating my own electricity and exporting it to The National Grid! My electricity meter literally started to go backwards in the daytime... It didn't take the supplier long to replace the meter with one which won't go backwards - the swines!

Electricity Meter Going Backwards

As of 2010-10-15 I am taking advantage of the Feed-In Tarrif scheme.

Array Details