Task List

Submitted by furriephillips on Fri, 06/17/2016 - 15:19

DIY/Home Improvement

Since an injury at work has badly affected my mobility, I am no longer able to DIY & have several tasks, semi-complete. This is a list of the tasks that need to be completed, to get my house back on an even keel.

I'm definitely gonna have to save up for some of the bigger-ticket items, but I have some of the items already & in those cases, I've marked the item(s) with a trio of asterisks (***).

Bathroom: Repair & Decorate

  1. Install high & mid-level towel rails ***
  2. Install toilet-roll & hand-towel holders ***
  3. Fix/Replace the Bar-type shower (the temperature selector no longer makes a difference)
  4. Remove old hardboard under-floor & fit new Westco Premium General Purpose Underlay
  5. Fit Westco Dark Tanned Bamboo Solid Wood Flooring
  6. Fit Wickes Solid Oak Reducer, or similar
  7. Seal the floor edges - for easy cleaning, with silicone ***
  8. Build a cupboard around the sink pedestal, for spare toilet rolls and cleaning supplies
  9. Paint walls & ceiling

Bathroom floor & under-sink area

Back Bedroom: Repair & Raise Bed

  1. Repair the broken bed slats
  2. Strengthen bed slats (maybe add MDF/thin plywood sheets as load spreaders?)
  3. Raise the bed up, using shims so that the mattress top is at or just above knee-height
  4. Fit a vent in the cupboard - through the back wall - to attach the AirCon Exhaust pipe

back bedroom bed

Downstairs Toilet: Finish & Decorate

  1. Screw sink to wall
  2. Remove redundant toilet overflow pipe & seal wall
  3. Screw down toilet to floor & properly secure to wall
  4. Seal toilet base & floor-edges, with silicone ***
  5. Build a cupboard under the sink, for spare toilet rolls & cleaning supplies
  6. Pain walls & ceiling

overflow pipe

Hallway: Finish & Decorate

  1. Replace Front Door with Euramax 1 Square Grey Left Hand Composite Door
  2. Fit SHS-P718: Samsung SMART Push-Pull Handle Digital Fingerprint Door Lock ***
  3. Fit ceiling lamp ***
  4. Seal floor-edges - for easy cleaning, with silicone ***
  5. Finish Hallway utility-room door-frame upper & between frames
  6. Paint walls & ceiling
  7. Paint doors & frames gloss white

fancy door lock
Samsung DoorLock SHS-P718 Manual

Kitchen: Finish & Decorate

  1. Tile kitchen, to cheast-height, with Wickes Glitter Black & White Glass Mix Mosaic Tiles
  2. Mount knife-magnet strip ***
  3. Repair & paint walls
  4. Replace sockets & switches ***
  5. Seal worktops, sink & hob
  6. Connect under-cupboard & foot-level LED lighting strips (replacing the old-skool halogen) placing the control unit under the left-most cupboard ***

Upstairs Plumbing: Fit TMV To Hot Water Tank & Relocate SolarHW Pump

  1. Install Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) to the top of the hot water tank (supply cold from the balanced take-off) ***
  2. Relocate Solar Hot Water Pump Station, from loft, to airing cupboard


Networking: Install PoE Security Cameras

  1. Remove legacy cameras
  2. Install Conservatory CCTV Camera, replacing the existing unit ***
  3. Install Porch CCTV Camera, as close to the far corner as possible (so able to see greatest angle) ***
  4. Install 2x Ethernet ports in Conservatory, by the camera
  5. Install 2x Ethernet ports in Conservatory, by the bench
  6. Install 4x Ethernet ports behind the TV, linked to the Conservatory ports
  7. Install 2x Ethernet ports in the Porch Eaves (enclosed/boxed in)
  8. Install 2x Ethernet ports in the Airing-Cupboard
  9. Install 4x Ethernet ports behind the desk, linked to the Porch & Airing-Cupboard ports
  10. Cable the new cameras with exterior-grade Cat5 Ethernet cable ***