Task List

Submitted by furriephillips on Fri, 06/17/2016 - 15:19

Finish DIY Home Improvement Tasks

Since an injury at work has badly affected my mobility, I am no longer able to DIY & have several tasks, semi-complete. This is a list of the tasks that need to be completed, to get my house back on an even keel.

I'm definitely gonna have to save up for some of the bigger-ticket items, but I have some of the items already & in those cases, I've marked the item(s) with an asterisk (*).

Downstairs: Finish & Decorate

Kitchen: Finish & Decorate

  1. Tile kitchen, to cheast-height, with Wickes Glitter Black & White Glass Mix Mosaic Tiles*
  2. Mount knife-magnet strip *
  3. Repair & paint remaining walls
  4. Replace sockets & switches *
  5. Silicone-seal worktops, sink & hob
  6. Connect under-cupboard & foot-level LED lighting strips (replacing the old-skool halogen) placing the control unit under the left-most cupboard (I have these LED strips, but they need to be cut to length & solder-joined with cables behind the cabinets - I'd do it myself, but my disability makes it impossible & I'm not desctribing it very well!) *




Toilet: Finish & Decorate

  1. Remove redundant toilet overflow pipe & seal wall (the pipe is not connected - just left in place, to prevent loss of cavity-wall insulation)
  2. Build a simple cupboard under the sink, for spare toilet rolls & cleaning supplies
  3. Screw the sink to the wall, the toilet to the floor & properly secure it to the wall
  4. Silicone-seal the sink, toilet base & floor-edges
  5. Paint walls & ceiling

overflow pipe




Hallway: Finish & Decorate

  1. Fit low-profile ceiling lamp
  2. Silicone-seal floor-edges, for easy cleaning
  3. Finish Hallway utility-room door-frame-upper & between frames
  4. Paint walls & ceiling
  5. Paint doors & frames gloss white (not the front door)



Raise Chair & Bed, by 88-132mm & strengthen bed-slats

  1. Repair & strengthen bed slats (maybe add some plywood sheeting as a load spreader?)
  2. Raise the bed by 88-132mm, using 4-6 125mm x 125mm shims made from 22mm timber so that the mattress top, is at or just above knee-height
  3. Use remaining wood, to slightly raise the chair in the lounge (there should be enough left, to make a square, with long sides - for stability & locating - and a few corner blocks.

back bedroom bed