Vote With Your Heart, Not Tactically - I'll Be Voting Green

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TL;DR Forget tactical voting - Vote Green

I'm 44, divorced, full-time employed (in IT), slightly disabled, live in a small semi-detached house, in Yate, South Gloucestershire. I'm keen on the natural world & I've installed Solar PV, Solar Thermal, got a Renault Zoe EV and am definitely going to invest in a battery for my home when I've saved up a bit, to even out the supply & demand.

Generally speaking, I am an optomist & I live in hope of things getting better, but I've become a bit jaded, over the years...

I haven't really been a hugely political animal in the past, though I know a snidey, slimy, self-serving politician when I see one - we've had a lot of practice, over the years. I used to vote LibDem, as I could actually see them doing stuff, in my local area - they would pop a leaflet through my door, several times a year, keeping me informed of what's happening in the locality. Contrast that with the post that you get from the Conservatives, and Labour, mere days before an election - just pitiful & embarrassingly cynical - shameful, really.

I gave up on politics for quite a while, after the United Kingdom Alternative Vote referendum, 2011 - I do not understand the outcome, as the 2-party system of politics, clearly does not work in the favour of the majority of the people, because of the flawed first-past-the-post voting system, and "we" chose to keep it - likely because not enough people have seen this excellent video series Politics in the Animal Kingdom.

Then my lack of faith in politics was compounded, when the LibDems wasted my vote, by cozying up with the Conservatives & I was overcome by apathy; right up until the racist and hate-filled/fuelled UKIP started to gain traction... As soon as I saw that happening, I chose to act positively & join the Green Party - it seemed like the right thing to do.

I had never really given the Green Party a second look, due to, well, laziness I suppose (and likely predjudice - hippies?), but seeing as I appear to have become pretty green in the way I live/think/feel, I had a look at them with a more serious eye. I found that they were much less likely to bicker and whinge like the blues/reds/yellows (as I like to think of them) & try to backstab their opponent & blame a failed system or policy on previous governments' failings - they are focussed on the future, trying to make it better - for the common good. They seem like they want to be politicians, for the good of the country - us - rather than stuffing banknotes into their and their cronies' back pockets & becoming fat-cats.

So, after the heinous 2016 EU Referendumb, and seeing the country pulled apart by the Vote-Leave campaign's lies and deceit the Conservatives and UKIP, seemingly conspiring to bring the UK to its knees & drive a divide between its people and our European friends - not to mention between families & friends in the UK - and the rise of racism & hate-crime that followed, as if the Brexit vote was tacit approval to be evil. Then, after the utterly unbelievable stupidity we saw across the pond, hope was at an all-time low - I mean WTF?

I am normally a very private person, and would usually protect the anonymity of my vote, but I feel so strongly now, that we have to take a stand against the legacy systems in place, which are no longer fit for purpose.

Please do give the Green Party a chance - you may be pleasantly surprised with how good they are & how close their policies are, to how you think & feel. Vote Green - for the common good.

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Why vote Green, rather than tactically?

I feel like we get lost in the bigger picture & we end up being swayed into voting against something that we hate (or are afraid of), but because of the inherent unfairness of the FPTP system, this kind of thinking will trap the populus in a 2-party whinge-fest forever. Instead, what we need to do, is concentrate on voting for our local MP, not the country as a whole - that mess won't resolve itself, without changes at the local MP level.

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