Online Graphical Tools

Submitted by furriephillips on Sun, 05/29/2016 - 22:34


ASCIIFlow is an awesome online ASCII drawing tool, you really have to test it out, to understand how great it is.


There's this thing called mscgen, that generates images from specially formatted data. This online mscgen generator is an excellent tool.

Example MsGenny Code

# Mail Flow

Remote_Sender, Postfix_MTA, ProxyFilter;

Remote_Sender => Postfix_MTA : Inbound Mail to MX;
Remote_Sender  ProxyFilter : Retry sending (after 65s);
ProxyFilter >> Remote_Sender : SPAM/Virus REJECT;

Example mscgen Code

# Mail Flow

msc {

  "Remote_Sender" => "Postfix_MTA" [label="Inbound Mail to MX"];
  "Remote_Sender"  ProxyFilter [label="Retry sending (after 65s)"];
  ProxyFilter >> "Remote_Sender" [label="SPAM/Virus REJECT"];

Example Image Output

mscgen example image